Stone House Theater Co.

Our mission is to inspire, entertain, provoke, challenge, and enrich, through musical and dramatic performing arts.

San Ramon Arts Foundation Presents a Stone House Theater co. Production of 

Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka

May 5th-21st Friday & Saturday at 7:30 & Saturday and Sunday at 3pm

At the Front Row Theater, Dougherty Station Community Center

17011 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon CA

Get Tickets at

or call the box office at (925) 973-3343

Stone House Theater Co. Presents Willy Wonka Cast List

Charlie Bucket - Lauren DuBos

Willy Wonka - Robert Ferrera

Candy Man/Phineous Trout - Sarah Martin

Grandpa Joe - Roger Craig

Mrs. Bucket/Mr. Bucket- Cindy Ferrera

Grandma Josephine/Cook- Victorian King-Bowman

Grandma Georgina - Fran Greninger

Grandpa George - Danta Tharp


Augustus Gloop - Katie Mackin

Mrs. Gloop - Maren Haws

Veruca Salt - Alexandra Nicola

Ms. Salt - Farah - Bakier

Mike Teavee - Ella Srouji

Ms. Teavee/Cook - Hadas Tankel

Violet Beauregarde - Kinsey Ferrera

Mrs. Beauregarde/Cook- Theresa Wesson


Oompa-Loompa 1/Stage Manager - Risa Gough

Oompa-Loompa 2 - Audrey Kristic

Oompa-Loompa 3 - Annalisa Raphael

Oompa-Loompa 4 - Mariam Bakier

Oompa-Loompa 5 - Destiny Pinto


James/ Squirrel 1- Hemma Lockhart

Matilda/Squirrel 2- Emma Roylance

Sophie/ Squirrel 3- Addison Roylance

Alfie/ Squirrel4 - Knight Stoneham

Bridgette/Squirrel 5- Zhila Entazari

Jewel/Squirrel 6- Anjali Mira

Danny/Squirrel 7 - Michael Pinto

Jack/Squirrel 8 - Cross Stoneham

June/ Squirrel 9 - Allegra Nicola

Savannah/Squirrel 10 - Ashley Srouji


Creative Team

Director - Regina C. Stoneham

Assistant Director- Kinsey Ferrera

Vocal Director- Martie Muldoon

Choreographer - Lisa Radzanowski

Light/Sound Designer - Sia Mozaffari 

Costume Designer - Kirsten Braford

Makeup Designer - Valerie Daft

Stage Manager - Raelynn Sanguinetti


Congratulations to everyone! We have an amazing cast and crew!!!





Harry Connick Jr.'s, The Happy Elf

Sold Out

Stone House Theater Co. sold out 8 out of the 10 performances of Harry Connick, Jr.'s the Happy Elf.  Thank you for your support!


San Ramon Arts Foundation Presents

December 2-18, 2016

At the Front Row Theater, Dougherty Station Community Center

17011 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon CA

Get Tickets at

or call the box office at (925) 973-3343



Meet The Happy Elf Cast & Crew

J.D. Cerruti



J.D. Cerruti is a 12 year old 7th grader from Livermore who is thrilled to be playing the lead role of Eubie as part of Stone House Theater Company's production of The Happy Elf! J.D. has been performing in various theater companies in the East Bay since 2013, and enjoys developing characters and telling stories on stage. He has studied music and voice since the age of 6 and has performed the National Anthem at multiple venues across the Bay Area. In his spare time J.D. also enjoys baseball, video games, Legos, Disneyland, and being awesome! He can't wait for people to come out to San Ramon and see this great cast and production team put on a fantastic show!!

Alexandra Nic0la


My name is Alexandra Nicola. I'm 10 years old, in Fifth Grade. I'm originally from Australia, and have moved to the US with my family a year ago.
The Happy Elf is my first ever performance (apart from school plays), and I am very excited to be playing "Molly".
I am very passionate about singing, acting & gymnastics.
I am very happy that my first experience in the theatre is with Stone House Theater Co. The cast members and staff are very friendly & supportive.
To participate in The Happy Elf as a cast member is very special for me as I grew up watching it on DVD throughout the Christmas period ever since I was 4 years old.
I hope you come along and enjoy this play with your kids.

Alex Radzanowski


Alex Radzanowski is a 16 year old who is a sophomore at California High School. In the production of The Happy Elf he is excited to be playing the role of Hamm, Eubie’s best friend. In his free time Alex enjoys to go out with his friends. This is Alex’s 15th show and he is really looking forward what shows will come in the future. He says, “Stone House Theater Co. has wonderful directors and shows the spirit of theater and provides a safe place to experiment with characters!” He thinks that The Happy Elf is a fun musical to take part in and he looks forward to the progression of the show and how the characters will evolve.

Robert Ferrera


Robert Ferrera (Norbert) has enjoyed working with and getting to know such an awesome group of “happy elves” and “depressed Bluesvillians” in this wonderful production.  Robert has found his theatrical, improvisational and musical background helped with the development of his Norbert character, but realized his experience in bicycle repair was his true inspiration.  Have a great holiday season, everyone, and enjoy the show!


Lori Beth Eisenstadt


Lori Beth Eisenstadt...(Gurt) has been performing for over thirty years.  Her favorite roles include Emily Webb in Our Town, Fantine in a touring production of Les Misérables, and Maria in the Sound of Music.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY, her theatrical roots began in the circus.  She especially enjoys sharing the stage with her daughter, Ella.  Now a first grade teacher, Lori Beth loves spending her time with her husband, and three magnificent children in their home in Dublin.  As always, she dedicates her performance to the memory of her kid brother.  Light up the sky, Dave!

Mike Cerruti


Mike Cerruti is thrilled to be playing the Mayor of Bluesville in Stone House Theater Company's production of The Happy Elf! He is especially excited to be joining an amazing cast that includes both his son J.D. and his daughter Daelyn. By day Mike is an Emmy Award winning video editor for KTVU Fox-2 News....By night he chauffeurs his brilliant performing children to their various events, and on rare occasions gets to join them on stage! The Happy Elf will be Mike's fifth community theater production, and he hopes there will be many more in the future. He hopes you are all able to come out to the Front Row Theater this December and see this fun show!

Ella Eisenstadt


Ella Eisenstadt…(Curtis) is a 10 year old in fifth grade at Dublin Elementary School.  She has appeared in The Sound of Music, and The Wizard of Oz, and enjoys being on stage with her mom, and with her friend, Alexandra.  She loves to sing and she says music is her whole life!  Ella wants to thank her friends and family for their love and support, and especially for coming to see The Happy Elf!

Jeff Janes


Jeff Janes (53), playing Santa in this production, has enjoyed music his entire life playing instruments in High School marching band, and sang in chorus in college for a production of Man of La Mancha. He also enjoys singing karaoke and in what spare time he is learning  piano. Karaoke gave him the ability to not be shy in front of people and he thought participating in a theater performance would be a great way to enjoy music more. He has a wide range of hobbies and likes to play games. Thanks to Regina and Jackie for getting him to try out for this performance.

Jackie Thomas

Mrs. Claus

Jackie is very happy to be Mrs. Claus in The Happy Elf.  She's been in the San Ramon Community chorus for over ten years and is in awe over the amazing talent in this theater group. This is her second role on the stage at the Front Row Theater, last year appearing in SRCT’s A Christmas Carol Radio Show. Now that she is an empty nester (of two terrific offspring), she's looking to step outside of her comfort zone in a fun and exciting way that also enriches the community. Jackie says, “Regina is AWESOME; best Director EVER!!!”



Hemma Lockhart

Little Norbert

Hemma Lockhart, an 8th grader at Pine Valley MS (13 years old), makes her first theater debut on this stage as Ragnar Vepsäläinen, a citizen of Bluesville. She has really enjoyed the experience as she loves singing and acting. Her other passions are reading, writing, soccer, rock climbing, riding her bike and science. She is currently learning to play the guitar and hopes to perform in a band soon. Her goal in life is to help society through genetic engineering breakthroughs. For now, she’s enjoying life as a suburban kid, where it’s warm and easy to go outside and have fun with friends.  

She has found the challenge of a live show thrilling and would like to thank the incredible theatre family for welcoming her and hopes to learn more about acting in future shows. Next, she would like to thank her family for their continued support in all her endeavors. Finally, she would like to thank Harry Connick Jr. for making this stellar entertaining production, The Happy Elf, available for performing!

Sophia Warren

Youngest Elf

Sophia is a 4th grader in Dublin, and is excited to be in The Happy Elf! She loves doing theater. She excited to be doing the show with her mom, their 3rd together. Some of her favorite previous parts have been Michael Darling and Charlie Bucket. Sophia also love to sing, dance and swim. She loves being a big sister to her two sisters. She hopes you will enjoy the show as much as she's enjoyed being a part of it! 

Kinsey Ferrera

Assistant Director & Gilda/Molly Understudy & Elfette

Kinsey Ferrera is 14 years old and attends Amador Valley High school in 9th grade. She is the understudy for Molly and Gilda, she is also the assistant director. She has been doing shows for a while but some of her previous shows includes, Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream, Paulette in Legally Blonde, Jane in Grease, Grace Ferrel in Annie, and more. She would love to thank her theater family for helping her out when she needed it and would like to thank Regina for letting her have the opportunity to be assistant director.

Shannon Greenhouse


Shannon Greenhouse (Gilda) is a senior at Dublin High School and is super excited to be performing in her first ever musical! Outside of theatre, Shannon is also heavily involved in choir, where serves as Choir Vice President and section leader. She also participates in swim team, student leadership, FMP, and church. In addition, she loves The Vampire Diaries, Disney, and Miranda Sings. She wants to thank her cast and everyone who helped make this production possible. Hope you enjoy the show!


Victorian King-Bowman

Angry Lady

 Victorian King-Bowman (Angry Lady/Bluesville Ensemble) is excited to be returning for her fourth performance. In the past 10 years she has performed in musicals with: Broadway under the Stars (Brentwood), Chanticleers (Castro Valley), CCPA (San Leandro), Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre/Broadway Chorus (Pleasanton).  Victorian also has performed in Melodrama’s/Murder Mystery’s/Comedies (Sunol) and danced with TTPA (Livermore).  This year she completed her first term as Vice Chair with Encore Players of Livermore.  Victorian thanks her family, friends, fellow actors, and especially her husband for all their support

Always keep a song in your heart......Victorian  

Terry Cunningham

Bluesville Ensemble

Terry Cunningham, Tony Natale - Bluesville Ensemble, founded San Ramon Community Theater in 2002 appeared in and/or directed many of the plays at SRCT. He loves to be onstage as an actor, singer and musician. He is happy to be back onstage with the cast and crew of The Happy Elf. Terry is a retired Finance manager who spends his time bicycling, hiking, playing guitar and singing with the San Ramon Community Chorus and the Mem’ry Lane trio. He hopes the show puts everyone in the Christmas spirit and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Sanika Alawani

North Pole Ensemble

Sanika is a 8 years old and studies in 3rd grade at Live Oak Elementary, San Ramon. Sanika is thrilled to be part of the Stone House Theater's production, The Happy Elf, especially when its her first time to be part of a musical. Sanika has always been fond of all kinds of music. She is studying Indian Classical Vocal music from her mom. Sanika wants to take this opportunity to thank the production house, all the cast and crew members for supporting her, teaching her and providing an opportunity to be part of this play. 


Allegra Nicola

Bluesville Ensemble

Allegra is a 2nd grader in Dublin. She has moved to the Bay area with her family all the way from Australia. She is super excited to be in The Happy Elf, along with her sister Alexandra. This is her first time to participate in a play, and she's playing a "worker" as part of Bluesville Ensemble. Allegra is very creative and enjoys drawing, arts & crafts. She's so looking forward to the show and she hopes you can come and enjoy it with your kids.

Knight Stoneham

Bluesville Ensemble

Hi!  My name is Alexander Knight Stoneham but you can call me Knight!  I am in Kindergarten in R-2.  My teacher is Mrs. Davi at Frederickson Elementary.  The Happy Elf is my very first musical.  I am playing Edward who lives in Bluesville.  I am excited to be in a play with my mommy!  This is a really fun play with singing and dancing and I hope you love it as much as I do! P.S. I love storm troopers and minecraft!


Cindy Ferrera

North Pole Ensemble

Cindy Ferrera (North Pole Ensemble) is “happy” to be a part of The Happy Elf. She enjoys performing with her family on stage (at least when they are all getting along - after all she has a teenage daughter, Kinsey, and a bicycle repairman for a husband, very stressful work). She spends her days herding second graders and is using her work as inspiration to find her “inner elf.”




Sarah Warren

Bluesville Ensemble

Sarah is excited to be a citizen of Bluesville and play on stage with her daughter Sophia. She has loved theater her whole life, and loves seeing how theater and the arts can bring people together. Some of her favorite roles have been the Baroness in The Sound of Music and Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest. When she's not playing, cleaning or helping with her 3 girls, Sarah loves to sew costumes, read or travel with her husband. She hopes you enjoy The Happy Elf and will continue to support the arts as it grows in San Ramon. 


Janet Goldsmith

Bluesville Ensemble

Bluesville Ensemble – Fanny, the first coal miner's daughter

I have appeared in seven performances produced by the San Ramon Community Theater since 2010, including the following roles: Mrs. Cratchet in Bah Humbug (twice); Cinderella's mother, voice of a giant, and Rapunzell in Into the Woods; Candy, A Holiday Diva in Home for the Holidays(twice); the Queen in Sleeping Beauty; and, Belle in A Christmas Carol, Radio Format.  Prior to then I appeared on stage in high school as Guenevere in Camelot.  Obviously, I took a very long hiatus from the stage!

I have been a member of the San Ramon Community Chorus since 2003.  In that capacity, I have sung solos and duets during performances given at several senior living facilities and this theater.  I am retired from federal law enforcement, am married, and have two adult children.  

Thanks to all who put so much time and effort into this wonderful community theater.

Fran Greninger

Bluesville/North Pole Ensemble

Fran Greninger is excited to be part of the North Pole/Bluesville Ensemble in the production of The Happy Elf.  As a 20yr member of San Ramon Community Chorus and retired, she decided to try something a little out of her comfort zone.  Community theater has opened a whole new world to her and she has thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.  Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming.  Fran has now been in three holiday musical productions with SRCT and hopes to do more with Stone House Theater Co.  As a grandmother of 7, she wants to show her grandkids to not  be afraid to try new things and that it’s never too late!


Daelyn Cerruti


Daelyn is 14 years old and a sophomore at Granada High School in Livermore. She is very excited to play an Elfette in Stone House Theater Company’s production of The Happy Elf alongside her dad and brother! Daelyn has performed in various theater productions around Livermore and loves to sing and dance. She has been studying music for 7 years and has been dancing for 12 years, currently dancing competitively with Expressions Dance and Arts. When she is not busy at school or rehearsal, you can find her watching Disney movies, drawing/painting, and finding new musicals to become obsessed over! She cannot wait for people to come see this fabulous production of The Happy Elf!

Martie Muldoon

Vocal Director & Coppa & Bluesville Ensemble

Martie Muldoon (Bluesville Ensemble) is delighted to be a part of The Happy Elf! A busy performer throughout the East Bay Area, favorite roles include Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly , Stepmother in Cinderella and Into the Woods, and Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man. Recent roles include male, female,alien and monster, which would give anyone the blues! A music teacher in the Pleasanton Schools, Martie hopes to see some of her students in the audience. As always, she thanks her husband John for his love and support.

Audrey Kristic


Audrey Kristic is a 14 year old that attends Dougherty Valley High School as a Freshman. She is an Elfette and she is part of the North Pole Ensemble. During her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and play outside with her siblings. Her favorite color is blue and she loves the beach. She has a great passion for acting and has acted in previous school productions. Audrey has two younger siblings, a brother (Gavin) and a sister (Livia). She loves the Stone House Theater Co. and the acting community she gets to work with. The Happy Elf is one of her first Christmas productions and she believes it’s definitely worth seeing.


Lisa Barber

Light & Sound Designer

Lisa is happy to be back in the theater working on The Happy Elf. Previously she has designed the lights for Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, Treasure Island  and a few Christmas shows for San Ramon Community Theater and On Golden Pond for Chanticleers Theater. Before immigrating to the TriValley area, Lisa enjoyed working as a lighting designerand stage manager for various theater companies in San Francisco, San Jose, and San Juan Bautista. Currently she is the dsirector of Suburban Thunder Improv Company and teaches improv to tweens, teens and adults in San Ramon. You may have also seen her performing in her duo improv group Denouement at The Marsh in San Francisco or Berkeley. Lisa gives thanks to her loving and supportive family for holding down the fort and Regina for the opportunity of letting her come play in the theater again.

Devin Guinee

Stage Manager

Devin Guinee is a 15-year-old freshman at California High School. He fell in love with drama in the 5th grade and never looked back. In his first major play, he earned the title role of Prince Eric, in The Little Mermaid. Devin is now excited to be apart of the production of The Happy Elf. He thanks Stone House Theater Co. for the opportunity to be the stage manager in this wonderful production.

Colleen Vitalis


Colleen is the musical director of the San Ramon Community Chorus. She has been involved with San Ramon Community Theater as an actress, director and producer of many productions. She currently is rehearsing for the Chorus’ Holiday Song and Dance Show (Dec. 11th at San Ramon Community Center, come check it out!) She would like to thank Regina for keeping community theater in San Ramon.

Lisa Radzanowski


Lisa is excited to be choreographing the first Stone House Theater Company musical. She has a BA in Theatre Arts & Dance from St. Mary’s College and has performed, choreographed and taught dance classes for over thirty years. Favorite shows include Grease, Music Man and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Currently she is a tap teacher at CVPA and a choreographer and assistant director at Bay Area Children’s Theatre. She has had a fabulous time working with the enthusiastic cast of The Happy Elf. It has been a special treat to work on this show with her son Alex. Lisa would like to thank her family for their support and Regina for the opportunity to be part of this show.


Gail Edwards

Costume Designer

A long time San Ramon resident, Gail early on adopted a love for the arts. Music, dance, and theater shaped her childhood, participating in countless productions through the years. She still practices her love for the arts, particularly singing; you can find her today lending her voice to the San Ramon Community Choir. A talented seamstress, and costumer, Gail has been lending her skills to several local theater groups for years. This is her first production with the Stonehouse Theater Company.

Judie Greenhouse

Vocal Director

I am a music-loving Kindergarten teacher!  This was my first venture back into theater since I was in high school (other than directing children's musicals).  Thanks for letting me be a part of this great experience!

Regina C. Stoneham

Stone House Theater Co. Founder & Artistic Director
Director of The Happy Elf

Regina fell in love with musical theatre when she was eight years old and her life was changed forever! In High School she was actively involved in theatre, show choir, All-State choir, and community theatre. Regina went on to receive a full music and theater scholarship to Butler and continued to study music and theatre in college. 

Regina has worked and collaborated with some outstanding American playwrights and directors, such as Mark Medoff ("Children of a Lesser God"), Edward Albee ("Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"), Nick Flynn ("Being Flynn"), and Dr. Sidney Berger, renowned former director of the Houston Shakespeare Festival.

In addition to directing such plays as Next To Normal, Question of Mercy, Mahalia, and Alice In Wonderland, some of Regina's acting performances include leads in Violet, The Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, South Pacific, Ruthless, Secret Garden, Godspell, City of Angels, Fiddler On The Roof, Into The Woods, The Hands of Its Enemy, Daddy's Dying Who's Got The Will, Hamlet, The Laramie Project, Lavender and Old Lace, and Macbeth.

Her passion is to entertain, whether it's making the audience laugh or moving them to think about life more deeply. Regina has fostered this passion in others, teaching private voice and piano lessons and musical theater classes. In her spare time Regina loves photography, art, and movies! She has an amazing husband (John) and five awesome kids (Cross, Knight, Savannah, Stone, and Michael) who are the loves of her life. Regina's motto is: "Love, serve, and never ever give up on yourself and your dreams!”